Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage
Renew with a traditional Swedish massage that uses long, flowing strokes varying in pressure from light to firm to both relax and lengthen muscles and facial tissue, as well as to calm the mind. Rest, relax and restore your body, mind and spirit.
60 minutes / $ 95.00

Deep Tissue Massage
Unwind with a therapeutic massage that is a combination of the long, flowing strokes characteristic of Swedish massage with deeper pressure massage to release tension held in the muscles.
60 minutes / $ 125.00
90 minutes / $ 150.00

Warm River Rock Massage
Connect with your body and the earth's healing elements with a therapeutic massage that incorporates warm river rocks. An organic, healing massage oil and river rocks are used to massage the body and melt away tension.
60 minutes / $ 125.00

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Scalp Massage
Often overlooked, the scalp houses hundreds of nerve endings that respond positively to stimulation. Scalp massage can help to reduce tension carried in the neck / shoulders and it has been shown to increase the production of certain chemicals in the body that impact mood and stress levels.
20 minutes / $ 45.00    

Foot & Hand Massage
With many different pressure points, massage of the hands and feet is an effective way to further promote health and relaxation. By improving the circulation to the extremities, our bodies are better equipped to reduce stress and eliminate unhealthy toxins.
20 minutes / $ 45.00                                          

Please arrive on time. Late arrivals will reduce treatment time.